“Space Truffle” sweet and sour dressing with truffle

Space Truffle is a revolution. One of a kind and innovative. This unconventional truffle dressing is in a  squeeze bottle. The clever packaging makes using it quick and precise. Space Truffle is sweet and sour, in step with new trends in world cuisine. The acidic notes increase salivation and come back to the taste buds for an extended time. The sweetness comes from the balsamic vinegar glaze, Agave syrup and honey. Space Truffle has a very high percentage of truffle grains (clearly visible) that adds prestige, taste and olfactory perception to the product. These characteristics make for a low added food cost in the dishes in which it is used. It needs to be refrigerated only after it has been opened. When in the refrigerator it maintains its organoleptic characteristics for more than a month after the first use.
Space Truffle is a transversal product with multiple applications, for every level of cuisine, from fine dining to street food, and for every type of cuisine from Asian to Mediterranean and ethnic. Use it to make your burgers, fries, tartare and carpaccio with meat or fish, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches, eggs, boiled vegetables, grilled fish and meat, pastrami, kebabs..

Find out more on the site: www.spacetruffle.com

200ML / 510ML