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Tartufo San Pietro a Pettine
Laboratorio produzione tartufi

Gourmet specialities
with truffles

Guided by his pioneering spirit, in 1948 my uncle Nello began preserving and producing gourmet specialities with truffles, such as truffled wild boar pâté and quail eggs with white truffles.

With his preparations that were inspired exclusively by culinary tradition, he was considered by many to be insane.
 I am happy to have inherited the “madness” gene from him, because it has allowed me to evolve his creative ideas, and they have made me carry on his vision as well, as my own, of what truffles can be.
I believe this is the meaning of living and working with passion, and it has been handed down generation to generation for over seventy years.

Truffle hunting

You now have the opportunity of going into the centuries-old forests with our most experienced hunters and their faithful dogs in search of these precious tubers.
You will be transported into the very heart of ancient traditions that have remained unchanged over the many years. You will learn all the secrets behind our traditions.


Buy prized Umbrian truffles

We guarantee fresh and quality truffles with our short and top quality supply chain.
Fresh, preserved, frozen.

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