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Tartufo San Pietro a Pettine
Tartufo Umbro Carlo Caporicci

A truffle-flavoured life

Those who are lucky enough to have been born on the same lands where every single truffle species grows have all learned a new way of marking time and the seasons.

When I was a child I learned the art of interpreting a storm, and of predicting how the sun or the snow will affect the Truffles.
 Loving the Earth to me is like loving a woman. It means taking care of her unconditionally, and being willing to question what we have always taken for granted. It means respecting her as she changes, and, above all, it means always being ready for the unpredictable.

Because with the earth, just as with love, anything can happen. And even if we don’t always get what we want, deep down we feel that a part of us could no longer live without her.

Fresh Truffles

The real deep black,
Absolute white.

Preserved Truffles

Preserved truffles and gourmet
specialities with truffles.

Frozen Truffles

Freezing truffles preserves the flavour
and scent of fresh truffles.

The laboratory

I was fifteen years old when my uncle Nello, who had invented this trade at the end of the 40s together with my aunt Maria, told me: “Do something else. Maybe you can be a lawyer.” But it was already too late. I had been born here, I had played here, and the people who worked here had always been part of my family.

It was too late. It was already true love.


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